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Dear friends and home owners,

       If you are behind on your mortgage, there are many options available to you. Move4Free Realty LLC has provided free advice with the goal of educating you. You can prevent foreclosure by educating yourself so you can make better decisions.
       You are probably feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Your financial situation is very important to you so take the time to read this, write down any questions you may have and feel free to call anytime. The most important thing for you to do is decide which method is best for you and start working towards the resolution.



       If you are having trouble paying your mortgage and your rate is higher than the current rate, refinancing your home is a great option. With refinancing, you must have at least 20% equity and be current with your payments. If refinancing sounds like the option for you, call the Move4Free Realty Team and we can refer you to a reputable company.
       Many Loan Officers will quote you a low rate or payment, offer you a program without telling you all your options and some may put you in a program that makes them the most commission.
       The best place to find a good Loan Officer is through an experienced Real Estate Agent. An experienced Real Estate Agent will only work with proven Loan Officers. Choosing your loan officer wisely can save you a lot of time, money, stress and reduce the risk of your FICA score being reduced.



       A Loan Modification is an option available for Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage, have had a change of their financial situation and would like to stay in their home. In this situation, you or a qualified mortgage company would negotiate with your existing Lender to change the terms of the mortgage so your payments are more affordable with your new financial situation.
       Your Lender may change your loan interest rate, the principal balance or other terms of the loan which will provide you a more affordable payment. This option not only benefits you the Homeowner, it also benefits the Bank and other parties involved.
       If you decide this may be the option for you, you can try it on your own. Being persistent and following up regularly will likely provide you successful results. There are many companies you can hire that may be able to negotiate a better deal than you can get yourself, however, there is a charge for this service.
       If you are looking to hire a qualified company to do a Loan Modification, please contact us and we can refer you to a reputable company.



       A Forbearance is an option available for Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage, have had a temporary financial set back and would like to stay in their home. With the proper paperwork submitted, your Lender may agree to arrange a repayment plan or even offer a temporary suspension or reduction of your payments.



       If you are in a situation where you cannot make you mortgage payments and do not qualify for a loan modification, Short Sale may be your best option. A Short Sale is when a Homeowner has little or no equity in their home but need to sell. For instance, if you have a loan for $300,000 but similar houses are only selling for $200,000 and you do not have the additional money to pay the Lender, a Short Sale would be necessary.
       An experienced Real Estate Agent, such as the Move4Free Realty Team, would need to negotiate with the Bank and get them to agree to a lower payoff. With a foreclosure, the Bank can still come after you for the money you owe, however, with a Short Sale, once the Bank agrees and the property is sold, the Homeowner owes nothing more.
       The success of your Short Sale lies on your Real Estate Agent. This is not the time to hire your part-time Agent friend.

       You may be saying "I don't have the money to hire a Real Estate Agent". The beauty of a Short Sale is you pay NOTHING with Move4Free Realty Team. We have been successful at getting the Bank to pay our commission. There is no charge to you.



       A Deed in Lieu is a deed signed by both the Borrower and the Lender conveying all interest in a property to satisfy the loan and avoid foreclosure. A Deed in Lieu is the last option before foreclosure and offers several advantages to the Lender and the Homeowner.
       The most important advantage of a Deed in Lieu is that the foreclosure proceeding will be stopped and the Homeowner is released from most or all of the personal indebtedness associated with the loan. Also, the Homeowner does not suffer the credit loss that they would have had with a foreclosure.
       If a Deed in Lieu is the only option available to you, contact your mortgage company and ask them for the paperwork necessary.



       A Pre-Foreclosure Sale is an available option for Homeowners with equity in their home. This option is a must for Homeowners who are financially unable to stay in their home.
       Contact the Move4Free Realty Team to help assist with a Pre-Foreclosure Sale.



       Avoid Bankruptcy if possible. It is extremely damaging to your credit and does not wipe out secured debt which is your home. Once you have declared Bankruptcy, you cannot do a short sale.
       If you are seeking a Bankruptcy Attorney, ask many questions and do your research.




Move4Free Realty LLC is a real estate company licensed in Maryland and Virginia. We are not Lawyers, Credit Advisors, Loan Officers, Financial Analyst or any other service provider other than Real Estate Agents. We have created this site from information gathered through our experience and education. While we have helped many people with their Short Sales and Pre-Foreclosure Sales, this site was created for your free use.
       While Move4Free Realty LLC is dedicated to offering free advice with the goal of helping your financial situation, we will not be held liable for any decisions you have made for your future from information obtained from our site or any other source.
       Any Feedback you can provide us is greatly appreciated and we are always available for questions.










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